Stress, Confidence, Desperate?

Who isn’t desperate to breathe? Everyone is desperate to finally get some air, away from stress and everything that society caused.   In this time now, everyone that have the ability to take care of themselves have stress. Young or old. It is funny, ain’t? How all the older people laughed at us when we tell them that we are under stress? They somehow pat our back while laughing, telling us how we haven’t met society…   Wrong. We are staring at it everyday, which caused us desperate to get away.   Society, does not only meant working life.   It too meant bullying, judging, stereotyping. This is all caused by society. People who wants to feel good about themselves, thus all of this drama.   Isn’t that society? Even if you don’t get bully, somewhere underneath you, you are still not confident about yourself, which caused you to be desperate.   Confidence? Everyone just have the idea that beauty = confident. No. It does not only mean looks. It could mean in studies, in skills, in sports.   I had always wondered. I am not confident in my looks, but I had gotten over it. Why do I still break down easily?

It is usually connected, stress and confident.

  If you are confident, you will not feel as much stress. However, if you are not confident, you start over thinking and bam, stress.   You may have a perfect family and yet feel the need to cry yourself to sleep at night. You do not have that annoying parent or siblings or anyone that hates you or you are not even bullied and yet you felt the need to cry yourself to sleep at night.   To me, that is normal. Perfectly normal. You do not need a broken family, you do not need to be bullied to feel that need. Everyone have their times like that. And no. That does not mean that you are weak.   If you are alive, it meant one thing. You will be strong enough. Strength is not born into you, it takes training and all the break down. Everything you break down, you stand up stronger.   What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, huh?   Everyone have their moments of breaking down. And not all the time, does it have to be the super serious (bullying, judgmental people) case. It could because you are not confident in yourself in anyway. In looks, in working, in anything that you like.   It went from desperate to breaking down. It is all link.   When you are desperate, you break down easily. I am facing one as I am typing this out now. My head hurts for air. I want to breathe but I do not have that strength of get out of this.   However, just because you are desperate and breaking down, it does not mean that you will have to cut yourself to ‘feel alive’.   Just stay strong…   Sometimes, that line is so cliche. However let me ask you, how many times does that work? It hurts and sometimes, hard to stay strong. I will not ask you guys to stay strong but I am going to say this,

“If you can make pass this, you can make pass bigger things. You gain experience as you go by and that makes you stronger and better. So are you going to stay here or are you going to keep moving? And maybe one day, you will be doing your dream job, or even telling you stories to other kids that relates to you. You are your own biggest enemy. How you chose to react, paints out your future.”



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